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Why Dr. Rose's?

If you asked your pediatrician, “What is the number one reason newborn children go to the doctor’s office?”, what do you think the answer would be?

Dr. Trevino says it’s a stuffy nose!

Any mom or dad can tell you about their first few weeks as a parent, hardly getting any sleep because of a crying baby. As a good parent, you want nothing more than what’s best for your child… but odds are, you’re probably looking to catch a few Z’s yourself! One of the main reasons babies and toddlers can’t sleep is when they can’t breathe through their nose. When baby can’t sleep and mom and dad have to stay awake all night, they go to Dr. Trevino’s office.

Dr. Trevino has seen hundreds of parents come to the doctor’s office with this exact problem asking the same question: what kind of nasal aspirator should I buy? After over two decades as a pediatrician and a mother, she’s never had a great answer to this. So she invented her own solution: Dr. Rose’s Baby.

There are three kinds of nasal aspirators available on the market: bulbs, straws, and vacuum-powered aspirators. Each of these comes with their own pros and cons.


When you left the hospital with your little loved one for the first time, you were probably sent out with a blue bulb that looks a little bit like a turkey baster. These bulbs are an effective way to clean your child’s nose, but comes with a few drawbacks.

The blue coloration means you’ll never have to look directly at the mucus you collect from your child’s nose, but out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. It’s difficult to know just how effective it is working when you can’t see it in action, and any mucus that has been collected will stay there until you buy a new one.

Every time your child has strep throat, you should buy them a new toothbrush. The same goes for nasal aspirators, particularly when they aren’t dishwasher safe. Generic nasal bulbs get the job done, but aren’t sustainable and work best only as a short-term solution.


Straw aspirators are some of the most popular nasal aspirators out there – many moms swear by them as the best option available, and it is certainly effective. But the premise can be a little gross for some new parents.

By sticking one end in your child’s nose and the other end in your mouth, these devices use your own breath to suck the junk out, letting you easily control the amount of suction. But with only a thin filter between your baby or toddler’s nose and your mouth, are these really as safe as they claim to be?

While these types of aspirators are washable and come with replaceable filters, bacteria are far smaller than the mucus that collects in the straw. There’s no real guarantee that using it won’t get you sick in the process, especially when you need to be well to take care of your little loved one.


One gets the sense that a really clever dad invented the vacuum-powered nasal aspirator in their garage. Vacuum-powered nasal aspirators are made with utility and functionality in mind, protecting you from germs while being easy to clean.

The problem with vacuum-powered mucus extractors is that they aren’t particularly gentle. Too much suction can damage the inner tissue of your baby’s nose, causing bloody noses and pain. When used repeatedly, it can also slow the healing process once the tissue has been ruptured. Higher-end versions can also be rather expensive.

What makes Dr. Rose's Baby so different than other nasal aspirators?

Getting back to the question that Dr. Trevino hears so often at her office: what is the best baby nasal aspirator? With pros and cons to each, that question is often one of preference. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one option that solved all of these problems?

Dr. Rose’s Baby is designed by a doctor who also happens to be a mom. While it is designed around the nasal bulb, it incorporates the best elements of every type of aspirator into one package.


Most bulb aspirators rely on a one-way valve that requires you to insert and remove the nozzle multiple times to clear a baby’s nose. This can irritate baby’s nose when done too many times, and can be tricky to do when your infant is wiggling. Dr. Rose’s Baby uses “smart suction” by introducing a second valve in the back, meaning you only have to insert it into baby’s nostril once.


Made in the USA with FDA-approved silicone, Dr. Rose’s Baby is completely dishwasher safe, doesn’t need to be replaced or recharged, and requires no filters or add-ons.


Dr. Rose’s Baby is great for parents and children alike! The nozzle is designed to be gentle on baby’s nose, providing just enough suction to clear their sinuses without rupturing the inner tissue. It also doesn’t require a parent to suck into a straw, keeping you well when your baby is under the weather.

With an elegant design that is functional and easy to clean, Dr. Rose’s Baby keeps your child happy and healthy, and lets you both have a good night’s sleep!

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